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To lead the Orbit


Providing an efficient, light, cost effective solution for orbital vehicles.
Facilitate Indigenization with all around fabrication of every sub system of orbital vehicle.


  • Design of attitude determination & control system for nano & cube sats

  • Design of pmbldc machines of various configurations and their controllers

  • Design of stabilization platforms (marine & airborne)

  • Design and simulation of electro-mechanical actuation systems

  • Calibration and induction of sensing devices and transducers

  • Design of electro- mechanical launching systems

  • Life cycle enhancement of electro-mechanical energy conversion systems

The Team is build with Doctoral Degrees with an Avg. Experience  of 60 man years in Product Design & Development.


Transferred Cutting Technologies to National Level Govt. Research Organizations as part of Indigenization. Few of them are first time in INDIA

●Sensors – Controllers- Actuators

●High Speed, High Resolution & High Density Electric Motors

●Sensor Synthesis

●Data Fusion

●Development of Control scheme

●OBC programming

●Mechanical Structure

Expertise - Tech Verticals

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